Young Artist Competition

Membership dues must be paid by August 31.

The purpose of the Young Artist Competition is to offer an opportunity for highly motivated students of O.M.T.A. members to earn cash awards in recognition for their achievements.   Students who participate should understand that their teacher has invited them to enter because of their outstanding work in the studio.

Solo literature is required.  Voice, or other instruments, may be accompanied by piano.  Literature written for ensemble is not acceptable.  At least two pieces or movements should be included.  It is to the student’s advantage to select pieces of contrasting style or mood.

Playing time should be within the ranges given:

 Junior division (grades 5 -7) prepare 6 – 10 minutes of repertoire.
 Intermediate division (grades 8 – 9) prepare 9 – 14 minutes of repertoire.
 Senior division (grades 10 – 12) prepare 12 – 18 minutes of repertoire.
 All contestants must play one piece for a recital which immediately follows the auditions.

Cash awards and instructions are listed on the Young Artist Competition forms.  Please refer to the Information For Students and Teachers Form.

Any communication to event chair people must be made through the student’s teacher.

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