Senior Scholarship

This scholarship is available to senior high school students of a current OMTA Members only. Membership dues must be paid by September 1 of the current year.  

The OMTA Senior Scholarship offers two awards, a $1000 first place award and $500 second place award, which recognize the musical study, musical achievement, musical contributions, and good citizenship of a graduating high school senior. The recipient need not plan to major in music. The winner will be chosen on the basis of merit only. The judge reserves the right not to award a scholarship. (In the case of a tie, the judge may award the first place scholarship to the student who has participated in the most OMTA events, including Fun Fair, Trophy Festival and  Young Artist Competition.)

Applicants are asked to submit the following along with their contact information:

  • A list of their musical training.
  • A list of the OMTA, NMTA, and MTNA events (including Fundamentals Fair, OMTA Recitals, Young Artist Competition, OMTA Workshops and Trophy Festival, NMTA District or State Festivals, NMTA or MTNA Competitions) in which they have participated.
  • A list of other musical activities in which they have participated, including school activities, church activities, festivals, competitions, talent shows, camps, masterclasses, and other enrichment programs.
  • A list of their musical and non-musical volunteer activities.
  • A brief description of their future plans.
  • A signed letter of recommendation from their OMTA teacher.
  • Two letters of recommendation from anyone other than their private music teacher or a family member.
  • An essay describing their musical journey or what music means to them. Please consult the website for a current application form with information on this year’s application deadline.

The winner(s) will be chosen on the basis of merit only, and will be announced at the February meeting.  They will also be invited to the spring luncheon to receive their award.  OMTA reserves the right to not award this scholarship.

The event chair will be listed on the events and opportunities page. Please refer to the application form on the “Forms” page in Member Login for more details.  Contact the event chair with any questions.

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