To join OMTA, first contact the Membership chairman, Adrianne Chapman or email  The Membership Chairman will inform, help, and guide the interested member how to join.  To belong to OMTA, the new member needs to pay the Local fee (Omaha) as well as the State (NE) and National dues.  The Local fee is $25.00, the State fee is $35.00 and the National Fee is $77.00.

We also offer a college student membership (for Full-time students only). The Local Fee is $13.00, State is $12.50 and National is $19.00. Our fees are in effect from July-June, check the national website for their fees.

  • Fees should be paid by July 1 to maintain a full membership.
  • To be eligible to apply for the Senior Scholarship dues must be paid by September 1.
  • To participate in the Young Artist Competition dues must be paid by September 1.
  • Check Senior Scholarship and Young Artist Competition page to view other qualifications and postmark deadlines.

The Membership Chairman can either mail a form to be filled out or at the National level website, there is membership information.

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