OMTA Board Members

If you need to contact a board member, please email them at their email address. If you are not a member, you may use the Contact form.

Position Officer Name Contact Information
President Lindsay Kolster 402-201-5256
President-Elect Debra Bolte Redding 402-499-0400
Vice President Lisa Greve- Batten 402-445-0202
Secretary Theresa Temple 402-689-7625
Treasurer Janet Zimmerman 402-572-7654
Adviser Maria Rotella Jacobsen 402-964-9110

2019-2020 OMTA Executive Board

Committee Officer Name Contact Information
Courtesy Doris Kirke 402-334-2713
Finance Maria Rotella Jacobsen

Janet Zimmerman

Fun Fair - co-sponsored by UNO Department of Music Ellen Scholl

Tessa Sherwood

Hospitality Diane Madsen 402-896-6355
Member Communication Lindsay Kolster 402-201-5256
Membership Lisa Greve- Batten 402-445-0202
Newsletter Lindsay Kolster 402-201-5256
NMTA District Festival - UNO Ellen Scholl 402-915-1783
Nominating Committee Cindy Guenzel 402-779-9821
Parliamentarian Paulette C. Smith 402-334-8141
Programs Debra Bolte Redding 402-499-0400
Senior Scholarship Mark Dickmeyer 402-334-3388
Social Media Debra Bolte Redding 402-499-0400
Trophy Festival - co-sponsored by UNO Department of Music Cindy Wrenn 402-659-3282
Web Coordinator Tarah Schoell 402-594-0770
Young Artist Competition - St. Paul United Methodist Church Maria Rotella Jacobsen

Jerri Niver