Fun Fair

This event is for students of OMTA members only. Any communication to event chairmen must be made through the student’s teacher.

Fun Fair is an OMTA activity held each year in late January/early February emphasizing musical knowledge and skills. It is designed to encourage development of students of any age, length of study, and degree of advancement. There are 8 events that students can participate in: scales, chords, cadences, arpeggios, sight reading, ear training, theory, and performance. There is a 12-level progression for each event that corresponds to the level of difficulty. Students may enter any or all events. A student is entered at the same level of difficulty for all events in which he/she participates that year. Fun Fair is traditionally held at the UNO Strauss Performing Arts Center. and UNO’s Department of Music co-sponsors this event.

As a general rule, awards are given as follows:

  • The student receives a rosette if a student earns at least three 10s,
  • The student receives a special rosette if a student earns seven 10s and one 9.
  • The student receives a trophy if a student earns all eight 10s.

To be eligible for a rosette or trophy, students must participate in all 8 events.

Each session starts with an opening ceremony and ends with a closing awards ceremony. Ribbons are provided for students after completing the events and turning in his/her scorecard. At the closing ceremony, students who have earned rosettes or trophies receive their awards.

Teacher Requirements: All new teachers must attend Fun Fair Orientation. All teachers attend the packet assembly and judges meeting. This meeting is held approximately 2 weeks prior to the event. Teachers are required to work all day. This is to ensure there is full coverage for both sessions (AM & PM), regardless if the teacher’s students are only participating in 1 session.

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