Trophy Festival

This event is for students of OMTA members only.

The trophy festival is a non-competitive event held each spring and is open to all students of OMTA members.  There is no age restriction and adult students may also take advantage of this adjudication opportunity.

Students perform two memorized pieces of their choice for a judge and receive a written critique.  They also perform the scales in the tonalities of each piece.   There are no limitations on repertoire.   In addition to instrumental solos, duet or trio entries, as well as vocal solos may also be performed.   There are five levels of performance:  Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced.  Students also take a theory test.

Every student who performs shall receive a trophy, engraved with the year and the performance rating.   Ratings are AAA, AA, and A.  Trophies are handed out after the student has completed their performance and theory test.   This is an “open” audition which means that parents, relatives & friends of the student performing will be allowed to listen inside the judging room.

The trophy festival is intended to provide a fun, positive learning experience for each student entered.    In addition to the judging and theory test, students may enjoy tasty treats while they browse the large display of items for sale by one of Omaha’s finest music stores!

The event chair will be listed on the events and opportunities page. Contact the event chair with any questions.

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